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Laminate Flooring

If you've wanted the classic look of marble, the timeless look of limestone, or the majestic appeal of hardwood but without the cost and maintenance associated with natural materials, laminate flooring might be the right choice for you. 
Laminate flooring is one of the most cost effective flooring materials that you can choose. Typically about half the price of similar quality hardwood, and an even smaller fraction of the cost of natural stone tile, it's a fantastic choice for someone on a tight budget. 
Laminate is also lower maintenance than natural stone and hardwood. While stone and hardwood need to be refinished when the surface wears down, as it will over time, laminate floors never have this need.

Installing laminate flooring involves just a few simple tools
Installing laminate flooring involves just a few simple tools
If you keep the surface of your floors free of dust and sand particles, then they will last for years. However, if something should happen and your laminate floors become scratched or gouged, the fix is easy. One board can be removed and replaced, and though it may look out-of-place at the time of its installation, with time and routine cleaning it will blend in with the rest. Laminate is also more stain resistant than wood or tile. 
So for the look and feel of hardwood or the luxurious appeal of stone tile without the maintenance and price, consider laminate flooring.

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