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Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl generally costs less than tile or plank materials. This is because they can mass produce it in large rolls, without having to worry about precision cuts and waste materials. It will be up to you or your flooring installer to measure the space it will be put into, and then to cut the material down to the appropriate size.

Probably the biggest advantage of sheet vinyl over tile is the fact that it can usually be installed in just one or two solid, unbroken pieces. That means that you do not have seams running between individual pieces. Seams are like vulnerable chinks in the defensive surface of your floor, through which small particles of water can seep to do unspeakable damage to your subfloor.

At Marcella Carpets, we offer a large selection of sheet vinyl, plank vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring options.  Come and see us for ideas and options that will enhance the beauty and practicality of your home.

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